Automated LightboxEX/2 Gallery

Preview Automated Lightbox2 Gallery (ALG) is a little PHP-file that automatically creates a lightbox-gallery for all images in a folder. You can easily define the Descriptions for the images in a simple Text-file which makes it easy to edit and requires no special knowledge about html or php. You can delete, add or change images within the folder without needing to recreate all other images or to edit any files. If you do not upload your own Thumbnails these are automatically created. Photos can be moved between gallery-folders without loosing Descriptions.

 - PHP4/PHP5 (with PHP GD library installed if thumbnails shall be created automatically)
 - Lightbox 2 or LightboxEX (with slideshow...)

Authors: Martin Gecks
Automated Lightbox Gallery is based on ''all in one folder/file lister''
by Greg Johnson which was published under Creative Commons License 3.0

Licence: Creatice Commons 3.0

Current Version: 1.2
1.1: ALG now automaticaly reads the exif-description of the image and writes it to the description-file if there is no entry found for the image
1.2: ALG automatically creates the thumbnail for an image if there is no particular thumbnail found


Additional Downloads:
 - GalleryConstructor 2
 - Automated Lightbox Gallery Template for GalleryConstructor 2 (resizes and watermarks images, creates Thumbnails and Description-File)
 - Lightbox Gallery Template for GalleryConstructor 2 (creates old-style html-galleries for Lightbox)

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